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  • Why You Should Unsubscribe

    If there's one phrase we all utter far too often (besides "I'm so tired") it has to be "I'm so busy." Life seems to be all rushing around, from one thing to the next, eating on the run, constantly frazzled and stressed.
    We have so much stuff some of us even have to rent more space just to store the junk we don't use but can't imagine parting with. And then of course - out of sight, out of mind - we promptly forget it. Plus we have so little time that we can't even enjoy what we have. Don't you think this is all connected?
    So, people of the world - unsubscribe. Unsubscribe from emails you don't read (as long as it's not ours!). Unsubscribe from friends and relationships that don't fill up your love tank. Unsubscribe to overbooking yourself, to overcluttering your house and your life.
    Order is intensely pleasurable. Cleaning out your closet can inspire an almost sensual satisfaction. It's getting there that's the hard part.
          Tip: If you need help, our own Ann Walker is a local lifestyle expert who helps people organize their lives and she. is. awesome. She'll hold your hand going through the painful process of parting with the "treasures" we all burden ourselves with and will guide you to organizational Nirvana. Interested? Call our office and we'll get you hooked up with her for a consultation: (925) 280-4442.
    And if the impending "Ahhh" zen moment isn't enough to start you on decluttering your vida, did you know that studies have shown that clutter actually tires out the brain? Imagine this: you're looking around your bedroom and there's stuff everywhere. You may think it doesn't bother you, but your brain is actually digesting and translating what your eyes are seeing. Order in your living or working space can be a game changer.
          Tip: Check out this "ultimate flow chart" for cleaning out your closet brought to you by the folks at Vogue (so you just know their closets are overstuffed).
    Unsubscribe to filling your mind with thoughts that don't serve you. Old ways of thinking, negative self talk. 
    And of course - unsubscribe from filling your body with food and drink that drags you down. It's not just about putting your body through the wringer but the connection between what we eat and how we feel can be mind boggling. Mood, energy, whether you wake up on the wrong side of the bed each day - all of that can improve when you put premium fuel in your gas tank.
    That's why we're so gaga about eating well - your whole life is better when you're treating your body well.
    Ready to remember what that feels like? Join us for an upcoming cleanse!
  • Photos From Our Event: Spice Up the New Year!

    We had a great time at our Jan 20 Event! Thank you to all who came out and made the event a success:

    • Katie Dent from Younique, site:
    • Laura Morgan and Nicole Morgan from Ava Anderson, email:
    • Amy La Faille with her own jewelry line Sincerely Glamour, site:
    • Cami Vernoy with LuLaRoe, email:
    • and the amazing Cindy Jakel-Smith from love.cook.nourish, email:
  • The Worst New Years Resolutions

    The first few weeks of every new year find gyms packed to the gills with optimistic
    folks making these resolutions. And a few weeks in? Most of them have quit. Given up. Don't be those people.

    Be the one who actually accomplishes something this year. Get a kick start by avoiding these 4 New Year's Resolutions Pitfalls...

          #1: The resolution that goes something like this... "I'll lose 30 lbs this January." You set a lofty weight loss goal and expect to reach it in only a few weeks.

    The Reality: It took time to wander away from your healthy habits and put on those extra pounds. The part no one wants to acknowledge? It also takes time to get rid of them. (Though considerably less time if you do it with us!)

    And honestly, going at a healthy maintainable pace means you'll be more likely to keep it off - which is the whole point anyway.

          #2: You make resolutions - but don't write them down anywhere.

    The Reality: First of all, you're not alone. Lots of folks do this. But then again, lots of those people fail. We don't want you to fail. So why do we want you writing down your resolutions?

    Not writing them down comes from a place of fear. Fear you won't accomplish your goal, fear you won't succeed. Fear of failure. 

    It's also a way of weaseling out of your commitments to yourself. Along the lines of: "Who cares? I didn't want it anyway..."

    Writing things down cements your desire. Increases your commitment. Think about the difference between telling yourself "Gee, I think I'll go to the gym tomorrow" versus writing it down in your calendar, packing your bag the night before and getting a calendar alert throughout the day reminding you what you're doing after work. Writing it down makes it real.

    Breathe some life into your resolutions. Increase your chances of actually accomplishing them. Write them down!

          #3: Making a goal ("I will save $500" or "I will lose 15lbs") but not attaching any        date or time you aim to accomplish it by.

    The Reality: Think back to your last large-scale project. Maybe it was writing an important proposal for your boss, or renovating your home. You didn't just set out blindly, right? You most likely set up a timeline to help you actually do whatever massive thing needed doing.

    Accomplishing goals takes planning. We know it can be scary. Hard. Intimidating.

    That's where we come in - to be your project manager and guide you along the way.

          #4: You make resolutions but don't tell anyone. 

    The Reality: This is a hard one. It's human to feel vulnerable, and to want to hide out from the opportunities where others may see that. This is especially true when it comes to weight. By telling someone your New Year's Resolution to say, lose weight, you're forced to make light of something you're not happy with AND along with that comes the possibility that you might not reach your goal. But there's so much you're missing out on if you keep it to yourself.

    What are you missing out on? Support, for one. A helping hand. Someone to cheer you up when you need it, someone to quiet your negative self talk, someone to hold your hand when things seem bleak... and most importantly - someone to celebrate your victories when you make it to the finish line!

    You're also missing out on the opportunity to inspire others. To set a good example for someone who may not have faith in themselves or the belief that their change is possible too.

    Be the change you want to see in 2015!

    #5: Never Say Never

    The Reality: When it comes to New Year's Resolutions at least, Justin Bieber was right. Telling yourself things like "I'll NEVER eat pizza again" just ain't a good idea. One - because the inner 2 year old immediately wants to rebel, and two - because honestly, you probably will eat pizza again. Which is ok. Super strict, black and white thinking doesn't work for most people. You have to find livable middle ground. Think that's impossible? Come to a class with us and we'll help you Blueprint (crucial in this middle ground business), and teach you how to feel sane around food.

    Sometimes our clients are surprised when we tell them that we eat junk food sometimes - many people assume that we on Team Cambiati eat 100% clean, 100% of the time. But honestly... we don't! That's not what we're about. Sometimes we can't because there are no good options, and sometimes it's a choice. That's life. What you do every day is much more important than what you do once in a while. It's about flexing your healthy habit muscles enough so that your healthy habits carry you through the times when you stray. And not losing it when you eat a slice of 'za once in a while. 

    When you're ready to take the first step to being your best self this year, sign up for the Cleanse here. Not sure what to do or have some questions? Give us a call and we'll walk you through your options: (925) 280-4442.

  • What Your Holiday Hangover Says About You


    Choose which statement you most identify with, and get some hints about how to feel better!    

        “I ate all the cookies, fudge, pie and even licked the sprinkles from the plate.” If you're thinking "how did you know??" employ your Sugar Detox, stat! That means no more – go cold turkey. It may seem harsh but it’s the only way to go. Make sure to eat quality lean protein at every meal. If you’re struggling to get rid of sugar cravings (or this going-down-the-sugar-rabbit-hole has happened to you before), you likely have an issue with Candida. If you haven’t seen it, check out our Candida Test here, and chat with us if you have any questions. Supplements to help:

        “I couldn’t sleep.” >> If this is your main holiday hangover complaint, read on. Maybe it was the stress, or the coffee, or the booze, or the sugar (or maybe all of the above) … but your sleep suffered through the holidays and you’re feeling the repercussions. Start repairing the damage by making time to make up your missed zzz’s, cut the coffee (or at least make a “curfew” and try cutting yourself off earlier in the day), and practicing good sleep hygiene. That means no screens in bed (yes, seriously) and giving yourself the time to unwind slowly before bed. If you're tired of feeling tired every morning and miss that bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed feeling you had when you were CambiatiClean, come back for a cleanse! Supplements to help:

    • Take 2 Detox Support Packs daily. Little known fact they can help with sleep!
    • If you need extra help, MagCitrate is a great place to start, or ask us about heavier duty options.

        “I got sick.” >>         Sniffles sort of  sick? (No? Skip to the next paragraph) Yes >> With the cooler weather, busy schedules and stress, it’s no wonder so many people get colds! Give yourself the gift of immune support, and also make sure to get lots of rest and fluids. Once you're back on your feet, keep supporting your body with good diet and rest so you don't get sick again. Raw garlic is great to include in your diet, too! If your immune system seems to always be on the low side, it could be a sign it's time to cleanse again!  Supplements to help:

            No, not sniffles… more the tummy-feeling-yucky-sick >> Lots of rich food, alcohol and foods you normally don’t eat can definitely make for some icky bloating (or worse). You're in pretty good company this time of year. Hopefully this goes without saying, but the first step in getting your gut back on track is to eat as cleanly as possible. That means lots of veggie and cutting out the gluten and dairy. That alone should do wonders. If you’re still having trouble, give us a call. And if this wasn't a one time kind of icky tummy problem - and you're consistently looking for places to lay sideways after a big dinner - come back and see us for a cleanse! 

  • Photos from Our Event: "Celebrate & Still Lose Weight"

    Thank you to everyone came out for our November 18 event! It was a huge hit and we had a blast.

    Thank you to everyone who made it so special, and a very special thanks goes out to Martha Alexandar for stepping in to emcee the event! Martha is long time Cambiati client and our downstairs neighbor as an Estate Planning attorney. We would also like to thank the sponsors for making this event possible:

    If you missed this one - not to worry, we're already cooking up our next event!

    Save the date:  January 17th (stay tuned for more info, coming soon)

  • Post Thanksgiving Recovery Plan

    Like every good American, you stuffed your face today and are now looking for your friendliest elastic waist pants and wishing today had never happened... that’s what the Pilgrims did, right?

    Too much wine, stuffing, pumpkin pie, rolls, and everything else we stuff ourselves at the Thanksgiving table with can leave us feeling like we need a new word for full. And more than that, we’re sluggish, tired, bloated and hungover. But before you start the pity party, we have a plan to help you feel better tomorrow and get back to feeling like your wonderful, sparkly self. Here are 7 tips to feel better, stat!

    1. If you boozed up, it’s time to get down with the H20. For all the non-chemistry buffs out there, we’re talking about water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

    2. Eating 2 days worth of food at one meal stresses the digestive system (to say the least). Did you know the average American consumes over 4,000 calories on Thanksgiving?

    Got some icky acid reflux goin' on? Go drink some PaleoGreens. If you’re away from your stash, try 2-3 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed into a glass of water to naturally combat indigestion.

    3. Tomorrow morning, even though you'll want to whimper on the couch and binge-watch Netflix ‘til your eyeballs fall out, dig deep and resist! Drink some (more) water, put those stretchy pants back on, and head outside for some fresh air. Bonus points if you work up a sweat!

    4. Be your own guardian angel and get any “dangerous” leftovers (ie, the stuff you can’t keep your hands off that leaves you feeling icky) out of the house early. As in now and not just when the container is empty. Remember: Thanksgiving is a holi-day, not a holi-week.

    5. Tomorrow morning: non-negotiable, start with a protein breakfast! Your favorite protein shake, eggs, turkey - whatever. It'll help you resist the one-way ticket to a sugar crash (temptingly disguised as leftover pecan pie). And don’t forget about green veggies! If you want to enjoy leftovers – fine! Just measure the stuffing or sweet potatoes and enjoy it in balance with your other macronutrients. And if you’re not enjoying it 110%, just skip it. It’s not worth it.

    6. Secret weapon: Detox Support Packs. Take one packet tonight, and repeat tomorrow morning. Trust us. Don’t save them for when you’re cleansing – they’re even more helpful when you’re hurting.

    Want an A+ for Thanksgiving Recovery? Give your liver some good, good lovin' with good ol’ fashioned PaleoCleanse. Throw a scoop into your shake and pat yourself on the back for taking good care of your insides. (You can also do this for the next few days if you’re still feeling icky.)

    7. And last but not least… we’re here if you need us. If you really “went for it” (wink, wink) at Thanksgiving and are worried how you’ll get through the holidays without causing some major damage (your bod being the collateral damage in question), just give us a ring at 925-280-4442 or email us at We can tell you if the Celebrate & Still Lose Weight Class, the QuickCleanse, or One-on-One Counseling with a nutritionist is the right  next step.

    We’ve set up some special Holiday Classes designed to provide the hand holding you need to get through the jolliest season without feeling like Santa Claus.

    What are your favorite tips for getting back on track after indulging over the holidays? Share in the comments! 

  • Are You Making These 3 Holiday Mistakes?

    #1:  Lying to Yourself

    Here’s a pop quiz… how many times has the following strategy worked for you? “I’ll just have one.”  (Yep, that’s what I thought.)

    We tell ourselves lots of lies during the holidays – from “I can afford this,” to “I’ll just have one cookie,” to “calories don’t count for food I only get to have once a year.” How 'bout this one?  “Creamed spinach is the same as regular spinach.” Or… “Mashed potatoes counts toward my vegetable servings.”  Nope. Just, no.

    It actually IS possible to indulge without the bulge – but it takes strategy and tools. Want to learn how to party smart without paying for it later? Join our holiday classes specifically geared to guiding you through the tricky holiday season!


    #2:  Spreading Yourself Too Thin & Overcommitting

    People expect a lot of things during the holidays. But expectations, by definition, are not reality - unless we allow them to shape our reality. We expect to be overindulging, overspending, being merry (often too merry), wasting time in crazy mall lines, and generally feeling holi-dazed.

    We expect to run around feeling like a turkey with it’s head cut off, skipping meals, not getting enough sleep, making emotionally-charged food choices, and making too many trips to Starbucks.

    So guess what? When you expect to have that experience, that's what you get. Wake up and smell the eggnog, people!

    During that special time of year when we all spread ourselves too thin financially, physically and emotionally, give yourself the most extravagant gift – permission to say “No.” To social engagements, over eating and over drinking – whatever it is that you feel pressure to do but deep down, don’t really want to do. Pinpoint your priorities. Think about how to budget – not just $$, but your energy, time and emotional resources.

    Lots of people think of weight gain as tied to social engagements, but often it’s more tied up with emotional state. (So if you find yourself waking up from a stressed out daze with cookie crumbs on your face and no memory of how they got there – it’s time to chill out and take a bubble bath.)


    #3:  Setting Yourself Up to Fail

    One way we set ourselves up to fail during the holidays is by conveniently forgetting what works to keep us on track the other 10 months of the year. This isn’t the time to reinvent the wheel. One of the most important reminders we can give you? Don’t stop planning. (Remember: failing to plan is planning to…well, you know.)

    • Eat before a party. Going into a tempting environment hungry is not a great strategy.
    • Keep your fridge stocked with green veggies. If you don't have good stuff around, there's no way you'll be able to make good choices.
    • Plan for Plan B – keep emergency foods on hand, like hard boiled eggs, carrots & hummus, PaleoBars, jerky, etc.
    • Don’t skip meals. Ever.
    • Start every day with a protein-rich breakfast. Shakes are perfect for busy peeps. Try the pumpkin pie shake!

    Even if you don’t use your healthy living tools at every opportunity, don’t put the blinders on and let other people’s food and booze behavior influence or dictate your own. Let them be the ones that have to start January with an extra 15 pounds - not you.

    And one final point before we leave you... don't set yourself up to fail this holiday season by telling yourself: “It’s no use, I’ll gain weight anyway.” Guess what: the holidays don’t have to be all or nothing, feast or famine, deprivation or excess. It’s possible to enjoy responsibly. Not sure how to do that? Come to our special holiday classes!

  • The Candida Spit Test

    The Candida Spit Test is a simple way to see if your body could be battling troublesome candida overgrowth which suppresses your immune system, increases your toxic load and can even hold you back from losing weight.

    What's Candida? Naturally occurring yeast in your body that is theoretically kept in check by good bacteria - but unfortunately, we kill off the good guys all the time... especially when we overconsume SUGAR! (Or alcohol, coffee, processed foods, or take antibiotics or birth control pills... sound like anyone you know?!?!?)

    Why Should You Care? Candida overgrowth can be super, super tricky to pinpoint as the root cause of irritating, painful and troublesome symptoms. Part of the problem is that it can look different in different people, but bottom line for everyone with candida overgrowth is that the Yeasty Beasties are suppressing your immune system and creating more toxicity that overburdens your beautiful bod.

    Experts estimate that up to 70% of people suffer from candida overgrowth! 

    Common Symptoms of Candida Overgrowth: 
    • Brain fog, cravings for sweets, persistent fatigue, headaches
    • Gas and bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, itchy anus
    • Recurring yeast infections, jock itch
    • Low immune function, frequent colds and flu
    • Itchy eyes, ringing in ears, recurring ear infections
    and more…

    Take the Candida Spit Test:

    First thing in the morning (before you've drank anything or put anything in your mouth), build up saliva in your mouth and spit into a glass of water. Now watch what happens. Or
    take a picture and send it to us! We'll help you decode the results.

    If you see "legs" (may look like a jellyfish or spider) extending down into the water,
    suspended "cloudy" specks in the middle of the glass, or it looks cloudy at the bottom, you likely have candida overgrowth.

    Don’t freak out if your spit test results suggest you've got Candida overgrowth. Give us a shout and we’ll tell you what to do: send us an email to or call us at (925) 280-4442

    image source: National Candida Center

  • Make a Beautiful Fall Tablescape

    This week we thought we’d break from the norm and bring you some something seasonal yet – gasp! – non-food oriented. Local lifestyle expert Walker helped us put together some pretty awesome tips on how to put together a beautiful (and easy!) fall table centerpiece.

    First, consider your “building materials.” Ann recommends different autumnal fruits and vegetables, like acorn squash, pumpkins, gourds, pears, persimmons, oranges and different types of nuts (like brazil or walnuts). Vary the size and type to keep it interesting and repeat them a few times throughout.

    She also recommends incorporating other natural elements like fall leaves, acorns, chunks of wood or even individual flowers or small floral arrangements. Insider tip: to intersperse individual flowers in your tablescape, use a floral vial to keep the blooms fresh all day and night. You can also grab tiny pinecones or green boughs from your backyard (or a friendly neighbor’s!). Look for interesting staging pieces to create mood. Try a table runner, slab of wood, a pewter platter or a wooden cutting board.

    Next, think about scale. Not too big, not too small, though make it significant in relation to whatever else will be on your table. Before you get started, look at your table and consider where table settings will be, as well as glasses and serving dishes (if they’ll need table real estate too). Don’t forget to consider height as well as width. Put your elbow on the table and never go higher than that, otherwise guests will lose sight of each other across the table.

    Once you’re ready to being building, start at the center and work out, rather than from one side and the other. Consider your masterpiece from all sides. Ann recommends starting high and tapering down to the sides. And don’t arrange too much – you don’t want your piece to look too stilted. When it comes to the smaller pieces (think leaves or nuts), you can even toss them so it doesn’t look too stuffy. Intersperse with an odd number of low candles down the center.

    Do “fall colors” matter much? Ann says no –she says to focus on the colors in the room and on the dishes you’ll be using, and think about what colors would mesh well. The feel matters more than the colors – though for fall, she does recommend avoiding shiny and sparkly elements and instead recommends looking for more subdued and natural pieces.

    That’s all, folks! Do you have any special tips for fall decorating or entertaining? Leave them in the comments below!

  • Cambiati is Proud to be LGBT-Friendly!

    “We go together, like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong…”

    If you’re an avid reader of our emails and blog postings, then you read (and obviously loved, right?) our recent article with tips to get your partner on track with your health and weight goals. Missed it? Here’s a quick summary:

    People who do the CambiatiCleanse with their partner are typically more successful than those who don’t. Your partner in life, love, Netflix marathons, the kitchen (and the bedroom) being at your side as you both look and feel your best? It’s a no brainer!

    And something we definitely want you to know? Cambiati is LGBT friendly!

    We want all lesbian, gay, bi and transgender individuals and couples to know that we offer an open and welcoming environment. We know that “happier and healthier” comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and orientations. We’re not a “one-size-fits-all” kind of shop. We value diversity and welcome all our clients to come as you are.

    And if you’re having trouble getting your honey boo boo to commit to come into Cambiati with you, check out this article for more tips!

    Baby, we were born this way.


  • How to Get Your Partner on Your Side

    As Team Cambiati, we know a thing or two about how to increase the odds you’ll reach your health and weight goals. A huge predictor of success? The peeps you live, work and play with. The people we spend lots of time with tend to inform our behavior and habits – for better or worse.

    A super easy-peasy, no brainer, insider tip? Team up to harness the good kind of peer pressure!

    Having a partner in almost anything increases your chances of success. No surprise, right? You give each other those gentle nudges reminding each other of what you had set out to do and what you want to accomplish. Like a running buddy you’ll leave hanging at the track if you don’t show up, or your pooch licking your face to wake you up.

    Couples, moms & daughters, friends and co-workers do better together because they’re creating their own team. Someone who cares that they succeed, roots them on from the sidelines and helps them get back on the horse when they feel like throwing in the towel.

    Research shows that we gain weight together (ugh!), and especially with friends – so surrounding ourselves with people on the same healthy path as we’re on makes us more successful. Having a partner in crime by your side also creates accountability, like your puppy who won’t let you miss a morning jog because, well, they gotta pee!

    When we take a class or program, it’s estimated that we only retain 7-10%, but doing it with someone else increases the takeaway through “shared memory.” Plus it means there will be someone to help you when you say “what was the key ingredient in that killer pumpkin soup?!”

    One of the most common things we hear is “I wish my _______  (boyfriend, mom, wife, sister, partner, friend, etc) would do this BUT…”

    To help you get them from “Ugh” to “Oh, yeah!” we’ve put together some talking points and rebuttals to common reasons the people we love say they’re not ready to get on the happy and healthy train.

    (Bonus: if you’re having trouble self-motivating, you can also use this to have a conversation in the mirror – just make sure no one else is home before you do it, cuckoo bird!)

    • Hotter Sex Life   We’re not sure if you should save this for the trump card at the end, or just start strong and get them to say yes on the spot. Either way, couples consistently report better sex lives when they do the CambiatiCleanse together. There are a zillion reasons why – but the end result is probably enough, right?
    • Losin’ the Booze   It’s human nature to fear the unknown – and it can be unchartered territory to give up alcohol for a month. Remind your honey boo boo that it’s only temporary, and saying “yes” to the class doesn’t mean saying “no” forever. It’s only a few weeks! If they’re still freaked out, make a deal that they stop for one week and then see how it goes.
    • Food Fears   Are they resistant because they think the food will be boring or unsatisfying? Instead of arguing until you’re blue in the face, cook a kickass meal they love and only tell them afterward that it was the type of fare they could be enjoying during their CambiatiCleanse. (Team Cambiati-er Julia recently played this trick very, very successfully on her family with some black bean brownies!)
    • Better Energy, Mood & Performance    Your energy and mood improve when you’re taking better care of yourself. This makes all of us much more fun to be around, impacting the people we spend our time with. Doing our class together means you’ll be sharing this wonderful experience, being each other’s cheerleaders and strengthening your bond.
    • Free Consultation   If you’re getting nowhere with them, or just want to try a new tactic, see if they’d be open to a free consultation with us (no strings attached!).

    Bottom line? If you want to get (and stay) successful long-term, you’ve got to link up with a buddy to help you stay on track. No sig-o? No problem-o! Your roommate, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker or go-to partner in crime would also work – anyone with whom you share mutual goals to live healthier and feel better. We’ll guide you through the rest!

    All you have to do is pick up the phone and schedule a free consultation with us to convince your teammate or get them signed up for a class.

    Call us today at (925) 280-4442. 

  • Need a Speaker for a Mom's Group or Charity Group?

    Did you know Cambiati’s experts do speaking engagements? Breathe fresh air into your weekly mom’s group or charity organization – we also do workplace wellness!

    Feeling happy and healthy ourselves is wonderful, but being able to share it with the people in your life? Even better. Our knowledgeable speakers help you do just that – share knowledge and education about nutrition and healthy living.

    Do you know a mom’s group, girls charity group like NCL, church group, or another organization that would like us to come speak? We can work with them to select a topic that fits the audience.

    We also love being part of charity events – whether contributing a donation or free speaking engagement.

    This is a way we can give back and enrich the CambiatiCommunity. Healthy living is so much better when it’s shared!

    Ready to set something up or want more information? Simply send us an email to or call us today: (925) 280-4442.

  • More Weight Loss, More Energy, Less Effort!

    Ladies 'n Gents... It's Time to Get Back on that Horse

    Sometimes we know what to do – we just feel like we can’t do it. We know it can be
    hard to stick to our healthy lifestyle plans (even we on TeamCambiati aren’t perfect all the time!), but one of the most important skills to learn is how to get back on the horse. Is it feeling impossible to get started on your own? That’s where we come in. (Cue superhero music...)

    And don’t waste any time thinking you’ve “failed” – our most successful clients don’t come to the cleanse once and never return… On the contrary! Our most successful clients have repeated the cleanse several times. Do you “fail” at getting in shape because you continue to go to the gym? Ummm…no. That’s how you get fit! Same with your healthy lifestyle habits. We’re like trainers for your nutrition, and coming in for weigh ins or a class is like exercising your healthy habit muscles.

    Do you have any Detox Support Packs left in the cupboard? To reap their antioxidant, liver-loving benefits, you must USE them! Twice a day – one packet in the morning, one in the evening. (PLUS if your system is all tox’ed up they'll likely help you snooze better, too!) Don’t “save” them for the good days.

              More Ways to Get Back on Track 

    • --Take us up on a FREE consult with our nutritionist and we’ll help create an action plan for you! Call us at (925) 280-4442 and we'll get you set up. (Offer good through Sep 15, 2014 and subject to availability)
    • --Do a mini cleanse at home with PaleoCleanse (your last cleanse binder will have the directions under "Beyond Day 28").
    • --Weigh in package: use our scale and get access to our expert advice.
    • --Take a cleanse class.
    • --If you only have energy to focus on a few principles, use the following 3 tips as a guide.

    When most folks decide they’d like to drop a few pounds, they’re usually thinking it’ll be a painful process. Or that it will be expensive and require a lot of time (or all of the above). But it doesn’t have to be that way! We’ve put together our top 3 tips that help you do 3 awesome things at once: lose weight, save time and boost your energy.

    If you’ve taken a class with us, you might have already heard what we're about to say – but are you actually DOING them? Are you sitting there thinking to yourself: “I know what to do, I just can’t do it”? If so, keep reading! (And if not, keep reading)

              TIP #1: Eat the right amounts of protein and fat in the morning

    Why? You’ll snack less throughout the day and actually feel satisfied (so you won’t dig in the cupboards for your hidden snacks). You’ll also have better, more balanced energy AND make better food choices for the entire day.

    What about weight loss? Eating the right balance of macronutrients throughout the day (and at the right intervals) is crucial for effortless fat loss. The key here is the right balance FOR YOU. It doesn’t mean going overboard on unlimited eggs and bacon – but it also doesn’t mean going for fat-free Greek yogurt and expecting that to work either. Think Goldilocks… juuuust right.

    If you don’t know what your perfect balance of fat and protein is – you need to come see us. We’ll help you get on the path for the hormonal balance you need to not snack between meals (plus getting your fat-burning machinery running nice and hot!).

    PLUS… try it on your kids and you’ll won’t have to do all the short-order cooking for the snacks your kids won’t need - leaving you with more time and energy. Score!

    Quick ideas for protein + fat combos:

    • --Hardboiled egg(s)
    • --Carrots/hummus
    • --Egg salad - try swapping out the mayo for hummus. It's totally...yummus! 
    • --A protein shake with PaleoMeal DF like this delicious Strawberry Lemon Basil shake, or a PaleoBar - great for the whole family!


              TIP #2: Sleep!

    Sleeping is a no brainer for having more energy. Expending some energy preparing for sleep is time well spent.

    Sleep - Yawning Cat - freeimage-3936854

    Need a refresher on why sleep matters for weight loss? If you don’t get enough sleep, your hormones get thrown out of whack, and the hormones that keep your appetite in check are confused. Translation? You don’t register the “off” switch when you’re eating, plus you crave higher sugar and fat foods. (Not to mention all the high glycemic foods that normally don’t seem as tempting.) This is a vicious cycle – but once you’re off the roller-coaster, the sun shines brighter and you bounce out of bed feeling restored and rested!

    We know, we know - simply “getting more sleep” can feel pretty darn impossible when you have a family and a job and about a zillion other things to do (unless we added more hours to the day, right?). But what we CAN do is to focus on the quality of the sleep we have time to get.

    How do we do that? Cut out some common offenders and structure your day in a specific way.

    First step: say sayonara to alcohol and caffeine. Yes, seriously. It may sound painful right now, but come on – so is attempting to live happily on 4-6 hours of sleep a night.

    For lots of people, a nighttime tipple seems like a good thing since it seems to help you fall asleep, but in reality it negatively affects the quality of the sleep you do wind up getting. If the glass of wine before bed is how you stay sane, what about StressArrest and a warm bath instead? There are countless other ways to take some “you time” and honestly, the best ones don’t involve something you need a corkscrew to open. This is another reason we love our classes so much – they’re the perfect place to share what works with other folks working on your same goals.

    Caffeine is a slightly different animal but another beverage that deserves some attention when we’re talking about energy and sleep. Like a bad boyfriend, caffeine makes us feel awesome – for a while. Then it drops us right back down, lower than before, and we’re left searching for anything to make us feel good again. Sugar, more caffeine, refined carbs. No thanks! The breakup might be painful for a bit, but that’s what Detox Support Packs are for. And just like dumping that bad boyfriend, you’ll feel so much better without it in your life!

    More special sauce: Stop eating 3 hours before bed.

    Sound impossible? Refer to Tip #1! The right portions and timing are key. Forgotten what that means? Come back to a class or take us up on that FREE consultation with our nutritionist to get things back on track.

    Closing the kitchen 3 hours before bed helps you get better sleep AND helps balance your hormones to support fat loss. No brainer.

    If you need extra help in the sleep department, we can also help identify some stellar supplements that are not addictive, do not cause sleep hangovers and are all-natural (but most importantly – they’re effective!).

    The takeaway: Sleep and eat strategically (remember, timing and portions are crucial) to help you with weight loss AND energy! (Plus you’ll save time when you don’t have to sneak a nap under your desk, or go downstairs for yet another latte. AND your friends will return your texts again since you’ll stop boring them with “ugh I’m soooo tired” messages.)

    And if you’re serious about easy weight loss, better sleep and more energy  - skip the booze and work on reducing your caffeine intake.

              TIP #3: Test for intolerances and avoid known “baddies”

    Ever eaten something small and gotten big-time bloated? Chances are you consumed something your body wasn't crazy about. We're big proponents of testing your own body to know once and for all what works and keeps you feeling good, and what doesn't work - and makes you feel bloated, tired, icky (or worse!)

    You can test your system to figure out if something you're eating isn't working so well for you – and it’s a skill we can teach you! If you’ve tried Blueprinting before but gotten…um… “sidetracked,” you’re not alone. It can be tricky to figure out food intolerances. But once you learn the basics, you're good to go. It’s honestly one of the most important things you could learn about your body – and a great way to ensure effortless maintenance of your weight or weight loss goals in the longterm.

    How this can help with energy: staying away from foods that drain your energy and negatively affect your sleep is a no brainer.

    How this can help with weight loss: we can’t tell you how many people have come to us for a class and said “I eat healthy but can’t lose weight.” Or “I work out all the time but nothing changes.” So often a large part of the  “answer” is eliminating so-called “healthy foods” that hold people back from losing weight because they’re not the right foods for them.

    If this has gotten your attention – come in for a class and we’ll refresh your memory about how to test yourself for food intolerances. Or if you remember how to do it, we highly, highly recommend getting a weigh in package to monitor your results with us. We can help unravel the tricky results you get, as well as provide the support so Blueprinting doesn’t turn into an all-out feeding frenzy!


  • 7 Exercise Myths that Hold You Back

    Have you heard? Team Cambiati has been gettin' worked by expert trainer Jeff Wilson of Finish Line Fit.

    A local boy and new dad, he keeps us laughing and enjoying ourselves when we might otherwise want to quit. And not only that, but we love that he adjusts the group training to suit our different fitness levels. He also brings TRX trainers that allow you to customize the difficulty and intensity based on your own body. He also offers one-on-one training or can help you design a customized workout plan for you to follow at home.

    Jeff has to do a lot of setting the record straight with his clients - helping them decipher the real real from the nonsense. And there's a whole lotta nonsense. He helped us put together this list... have you been told any of these myths?

    Myth: Sit ups and crunches are all you need for a strong core

    Truth:  Yes, technically sit-ups and crunches target the abs more than plank and pushups – but a strong core requires more than strong abs.

    So what moves are best? If you want to strengthen the entire core and get that long, lean torso, you need to hit (and torch) every core muscle. Jeff uses a varied approach to help clients strengthen the entire core - not just their surface ab muscles. For the ladies of Cambiati, he uses a combination of body weight exercises and a few key pieces of equipment, most notably, TRX trainers. That means the core stays engaged the whole time.

    Myth: Long bouts of cardio are the best and fastest way to lose weight, slim down and get toned.

    Truth: Think about a marathon runner’s body. Now think about a sprinter’s body. If you want to burn fat AND build muscle, you need to exercise like a sprinter, not a marathoner.

    And how does a sprinter exercise? They go hard – then stop, and repeat. They Burst! This type of exercise not only burns more fat overall, but also keeps your fat burning engine running hotter long after your workout is over.

    This doesn’t mean you should stop your beloved morning jogs – just don’t rely on them to give you the body of your dreams. If you’re working hard through those sweat sessions – you probably want to see results as quickly as possible, right? Add in some weight training and Bursts to burn fat, build muscle and feel (and look) better in your clothes.

    Myth: Before a workout, make sure to stretch.

    Truth: Rather than stretching “cold,” warm up with cardio. Jumping jacks, jump rope, dance around in your undies. Whatever! Not only will you get your blood flowing, but you’ll also ward off potential injury. Not to say stretching isn’t necessary and awesome and all that jazz - just save it for the end of your workout.

    Myth: Weight lifting bulks you up

    Truth: Honestly, look around. How often do you see a super bulky, muscley woman? (Off the cover of a muscle mag, that is) Not super common, which some people say comes from the fact that women don’t have the testosterone necessary like men do.

    Don’t shy away from heavier weights. Sometimes light weight is ok, and sometimes it’s actually better. Not sure when which is preferable? Call Jeff!

    Myth: You need a gym membership to see any real results.

    Truth: Thankfully this couldn’t be further from the truth. Major equipment, nor pricey gym membership, are not required to get a good workout. Some basic gear helps – like a yoga mat and resistance band – but even that can be worked around. Don’t let a lack of workout equipment at home hold you back from exercising.

    Need some pointers to get started? Come to a group fitness class with Jeff Wilson from Finish Line Fit and the ladies of Cambiati! Plus we do our workouts at a park nearby our office – and there’s nothing better than ending the day with some laughs, fresh air and endorphins!

    Myth: More of One Exercise Is Always Better

    Truth: More exercise is always better, most of the time. (Just kidding)  Sometimes a change in the types of exercises you do, can throw your body off (in a good way) and you can increase your overall strength and/or endurance.

    Myth: To lose weight in your thighs, just do lunges.

    Truth: Unfortunately, there is no such thing as spot weight reduction.  Where body fat goes on your body first when gaining weight, is where it will come off last when losing weight.

  • Mom & Kid Exercises - Designed by a Trainer!

    As if exercise wasn't hard enough to fit into your day...once you add kids to the equation it seems near impossible. Our favorite trainer, Jeff Wilson of Finish Line Fit has put together exercises you can do at home with the kids.

    Team Cambiati has been working out with Jeff and loving it! Let us know if you're interested in group training with us. He can also train you at your own house (so you'll feel like Beyonce) or design custom work out programs for you to do on your own.

    Mom and Baby

    Weighted Lunges: While standing, hold your baby in both arms against your chest. Lunge forward with one leg, then come back up to starting position. Alternate legs or focus on one at a time, your choice.

    Reps: 2 sets of 20 lunges (10 on each leg).

    Tips: Make sure to keep your back perfectly straight, and try not to lean forward. And, as always with lunges, make sure that the knee of the front leg never passes in front of the toes.

    Supine Bridge: Lie on your back with your baby on your lower stomach. Bend your knees and keep the feet flat on the floor. Lift your booty off the ground as high as you can get it (you're making a straight line with your body - from knee to shoulder). At the highest point of the movement, your feet, shoulders and head should be the only things touching the ground. Squeeze your glutes at the top... Feel the burn! 

    Reps: 2 sets of 20 lifts.

    Tips: If your baby doesn't have head control yet, they can lean against your legs and you can cradle the head with your thighs.

    Jeff says: "Make sure Baby has fun too by making eye contact with them, tickling, and adding fun sound effects!" 

    Mom and 5-Year Old

    Plank: From prone position (face down), lift your body up so you're on your elbows and toes. Tighten your belly button towards your spine, and make sure your booty doesn't drop below your shoulders.

    Reps: Aim for 60 seconds, but if you're not there yet - work up.

    Tips: Have your kiddo next to you, copying your position. Make it fun by having a contest - who can hold it the longest?!

    Scissor Kicks: Lie on your back next to your child. With your legs as straight as possible, lift both feet towards the ceiling. While holding one foot up, drop the other leg towards the floor keeping the leg as straight as possible. Bring that leg up and repeat with the other. Aim for controlled movements (engage those abs!) and don't put your leg down on the ground between lifts.

    Reps: 2 sets of 16-20 kicks

    Tips: Make it harder by dropping one leg while the other is on its way up.

    Mom and 10-Year Old

    "Pass the Ball": Sit on the floor with your back to your youngster with a soccer or basketball (unless you have a 4-lb medicine ball). Pass the ball to your child on one side, and have them pass it back to you on the other side. Your bodies will be constantly twisting during this exercise (so great for the core!). Go as fast as possible!

    Reps: Aim for 20 clockwise, and 20 counterclockwise.

    Tips: Time yourself and see if you can beat your time with subsequent attempts!

    Burpees: Who doesn't love a burpee?! Start by standing upright. Drop into a pushup position - then jump your feet foward again and stand up. Once you're back completely upright, jump UP! and extend your hands as high into the air as possible. Repeat until you're so exhausted you collapse (just kidding!).

    Reps: 2 sets of 10-12 reps

    Tips: Try a "Burpee Challenge" for 20 days... do 1 burpee the first day, 2 on the second, 3 on the third, etc. (Fun, right??)


    Now grab your favorite child (any of them will work, actually) and get movin'! Have fun!

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