The 28 Day Cleanse

The 28 Day Cleanse

This is our most popular CambiatiCleanse™. It is the quickest route to feeling your best. It is designed to address several causes of metabolic dysfunction all at the same time. The 28 Day Cleanse can help you:

  • Attain your optimal weight
  • Increase your energy
  • Eliminate allergenic and addictive food for 28 days
  • Uncover food intolerances
  • Balance your mind and body
  • Release inflammation
  • Create a path for wellness for the rest of your life


The CambiatiCleanse can help you:

Practice Balanced Eating on the 28 Day Cleanse

  • Cave person diet
  • Whole foods
  • Organic, local
  • Low-glycemic load meals
  • Alkaline producing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Free of allergenic, addictive and toxic foods

Change Body Composition & Lose Weight

  • Burn fat, build muscle
  • Lose weight (if you have weight to lose)
  • Increase your strength
  • End the cycle of weight loss and weight gain
  • Overcome weight loss resistance

Promote Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain

  • Understand the connection between food and mood
  • Eliminate cravings
  • Identify food intolerances
  • Shift towards alkalinity
  • Promote healthy gut bacteria by reducing yeast promoting foods

Balance the Mind

  • Feel energetic mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Break free of compulsive eating or addictive behavior
  • Identify habits that do not serve you
  • Promote healthful, regular sleep
  • Release stress

Detox & Cleanse

  • Understand your body’s detoxification system
  • Intake nutrients for optimal function of your organs of detoxification and elimination
  • Decrease intake of toxins

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